Why we’re here

We believe talent is a core part of any business. By connecting people with the best job opportunities available, everyone succeeds.

Full-fledged recruiting services
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WorkFor Recruiting is a job platform developed to connect human talent with the best opportunities available. Its simple yet effective design makes the website highly accessible and easy on the eyes. We have a European-wide network of bilingual recruiting professionals and our website is available in English, Italian, German and Spanish.

Once you create an account free of charge, we will match your skill set and location with available opportunities. Using the latest recruiting technologies and techniques, your dream search will be matched with a dream job. We believe applying for a job should be easy, that’s why we've designed a job site that is both simple and beautiful.

We believe in the power of human talent

Alex Atamaniuc

CEO, WorkFor

Hire within 48 hours

We can find, hire and manage your desired employees via our European in-country entities. Within 48 hours we can onboard in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Moldova, Greece and Switzerland.

Offices and teams in each of our locations

Our offices are located in Europe’s top locations and we have our own team of professionals operating in each one of them.

European Professional Employer Organisation

You can outsource all your employee management tasks to us and become free of any hassle. We will be the official employer of record of your employees, while you focus on your core business.

Bilingual Experts

All our experts are bilingual. We will consult you on all mandatory regulations and in-country specifics and guide you during the whole recruiting process.

Our clients are our partners, we choose them carefully.

  • Pharmacy
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare and Human Services
  • Internet and e-Commerce
  • Customer Service
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Airline
  • Chemical
  • Consulting
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing & Operations
  • Business Services

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